Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Clicking in circles

How's this for a habit?

Log on. Gmail. Training update? Got it. Check that blog. She grows so fast. Is it July yet?

Facebook. Click names, click pictures.

Craiglist. Too much. Too scummy. No laundry? Bad area. One person? Two people? Who knows. Time is running out make a decision now. This one could work, too late it's gone.

Alarm clock, fall asleep. Up again. Must. Go. Running. Shoes on, playlist- check.

Shower, tea, drive, work. Sigh.

Hey I missed you! Small talk, grow so fast, weather, plans. Sing, play, laugh, hooray!

Work work. Forgot something? Panic! Hi, good to see you! New haircut? Sing, flip, laugh, play.

Where is she? Just deal with it. Phone calls, diet coke!

Everyone's busy, no time for pity.

You can talk to us when you have something nice to say. No one likes a frown clown.

Something needs to change I think it's me. Where to start? Not too sure. Frustrated? Heck yes I am.